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March 17, 2018
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Recruitment Strategies For Modern Workforce

Recruitment strategies for modern workforce

Modern-day recruitment is based on different employee personas or in better words we can call position requirement. Recruitment and selection strategies have gone under a tremendous transformation, over past two decades as we have seen a boom in service industry around India we have adopted some of the most modern hiring techniques to get the right talent for the company in a given budget. The transformation has not only been in terms of recruitment strategies being followed and the steps being used for recruitment but also on the part that Human Resource (HR) are now using different strategies to attract the right talent.

                          Strategies to attract the right talent

Recruitment for any position is an upheaval task but it can be made defined with understanding where the correct candidate might be looking for a job. For example, if you seek a manager the best way to look for a right candidate would be through LinkedIn and for any mass recruitment drive you could use social media sites like Facebook to attract a crowd. In modern hiring techniques, we see a rise of digital techniques to approach a candidate other than simple recruitment website. This helps HR know whether the candidate might be looking for job change without actually applying for it.

                             Social Recruitment

For any HR working in a current environment of competing for the right candidate with a pool of companies,it becomes imperative that they know the right resources to use. For an HR to learn this technique we have an HR training institute in Pune where we have industry experts teaching through live examples for the candidates to understand and replicate in real life.

HR usually holds the responsibility of hiring for the company and this holds the growth of the company. So a modern HR should be well versed in changing scenarios of hiring and which qualities of a candidate would be best for the position.

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