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March 13, 2018
Valuable assets of digital Marketer
Valuable assets of Digital Marketer
March 14, 2018

Infographics vs. blogs in Modern day

Info-graphics vs. blogs in Modern day content sharing in online brand building

Info-graphics vs. blogs in Modern day

Info-graphics means a small part of the information being presented through an image and blog was much more detailed view on the topic. The blog was considered a pool of information provided within specified words but as time passed people moved from blog reading to info-graphics which held the nerve for SEO with traffic and was utilized for viral marketing.

Info-graphics vs Blog is biggest debate in modern day

                         Info-graphics vs Blog

Info-graphics are just more than data visualization process it can be a big part of your social media strategy to attract relevant traffic. A digital marketing training in Pune will help you to understand which is better for your organization.

Blogs have been the part of the modern-day world as long as we all can remember. As the online world became influencing and people liked reading online through a single device blogs gained a huge momentum. Since then it has been a big part of our SEO strategy.Though both Blog and info-graphics hold the online points equally we have to decide which would be better for our target audience and what should be the strategy to make maximum impact. As a digital marketer, you have to be on your toes to keep the audience engaged with relevant content and with both info-graphic and blog you can understand.

Info-graphics vs Blog which serve better for the purpose of content sharing

                             Info-graphics vs Blog

Mix of both for your hepls in  online brand building. One of the major factors that are currently driving traffic to many of the top-ranked websites is a good to use of keyword with relevant information. As long as your content resonates with the given target audience you can surely get a good amount of organic traffic but what makes them comment on your blog or share them on social media sites or even bookmark your website. A sizable amount of website traffic comes is bombarded with information and good information presentation can go a long way. A digital marketing training in Pune will bring you one step closer to being an audience understanding marketer.



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