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August 6, 2018

Advanced SEO Techniques for 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has now become a part of marketing. It’s even consumed the traditional marketing at a rapid pace. Organizations today are spending more of their budget on the website ranking and digital footprint than on the traditional marketing space. A marketer once said that I waste half of my marketing budget and I don’t know which half. Digital marketing has given the option wherein a person can understand the different user persona and channelize the budget towards it.

Before we understand the current trends of SEO we need to have the gist of algorithm updates by the Google. Pace Academy a digital marketing and training institute from Pune understands the requirement of skills to become a good SEO expert, we provide an end to end skill training for each of our student in regards to the recent algorithm update.
Google Panda
Your website would now be judged on the quality of the content. A page with good content is ranked higher than any other pages. Any kind of spun content or plagiarized content will be penalized. Google panda was more towards making the content relevant to the target audience.
It was a better version of a panda with better keyword analysis and site content. Penguin dealt with backlinks; sites with more backlinks where ranked higher compared to the website which had a lower number of backlinks. It was the quality of the backlinks that was important for the SEO of the website. Google laid out a plan wherein it blocked the number of websites which sold backlinks leading to many of the sites losing their ranking.
The pigeon update was majorly focused towards reducing the search for the time for the users; it gave the new term local search. If a person searched for a local business selling shoes then Google will take into consideration the location and search will be showing the closer ones at a higher rank.
Google hummingbird was more of an update for the search terms than for the pages. It resulted into better development of search engine understanding of user persona. Here are some of the major updates that Google has currently rolled out in terms of the search query.
The above algorithm affected the way SEO experts approached Google updates. Here are some advanced terms you need to know before you dive into search engine ranking.
1. Meta Description
When you read the website meta description you can easily understand what the page is about. But if you can’t then it might be the time for you to change the meta description. Google has laid down strict rules for meta description of any kind of website.

2. Mobile friendliness
As the user moves from one device to other you need to keep your website update to date with different technological changes. Mobile friendless is one option you can look for in the coming updates and with AMP you can be sure that your website might suffer some ranking change.
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