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April 9, 2018
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Importance and need of Forecast in Human resources job role
April 10, 2018

Value addition that can be provided by women workforce at work place

Value of women workforce

Women comprise a significant segment of the workforce

Women currently comprise the significant part of any organization it’s predicted that out of 10 working people 4 are women. There has been a steady rise in the number of women who have started venturing into the professional world of labor. Till the recent past, only 10 percent of the women had worked in offices and the percentage has now gone up to more than 40 percent and ever increasing. And as we have seen a significant increase in the number of women staff working today still a lot needs to happen to make women feel that they are equal to men.

Equality and leadership

                      Equality and leadership

For most organizations, it’s important that they are supporting their female leadership and helping the other female employees grow into a future leader. With business focusing on the gender equality it’s important that they care for more about nurturing them towards leadership. One of the reasons that many companies have come with the policy to promote women leaders across the verticals is that they have seen that the departments with women leadership have seen a growth of more than 10 percent on average greater than combined growth of the total organization. But statistically, it’s been seen that there are more men in the leadership roles it’s almost close to 99 percent of men are in the leadership position in an organization.

Equality and leadership will promote quality and more growth opportunities for your organization. Equality during the promotion and an added value during the during the work can be an easy achievement for you to make your women employee realize how important they are for the organization.  Lastly, an HR would play a crucial role in such situations where a woman needs to be promoted and made available for a leadership role.

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