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April 3, 2018
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April 9, 2018

Traditional HR practices vs modern day HR practices

Traditional HR approaches were manual and time consuming process but modern day HR practices are practical and result oriented

Traditional HR Vs Modern HR Practices

The role of an HR has transformed over the last 10 years where we have seen the role being molded into something into a public relations officer and an HR. The PR being for the new employees and also portraying the company’s reputation in front of customers, employees or in media. Effective HR management today means being a personal management for the number of employees you try to handle.

Modern HR vs Traditional HR management

Traditional HR approaches were manual and time consuming process but modern day HR practices are practical and result oriented

Traditional HR vs Modern HR

Traditional HR focused on personnel administration and basic labor relation issues in an organization. In contrast, today the HR management of employees is more diverse, focusing on recruitment and selection into the workplace; being the personal management for the employees and also handling the relation of employees with the company. The ongoing motivation and morale in the workplace will the responsibility of an HR with the maintenance of benefits, administration, and insurance requirement.

Modern Day HR requirements

Our new HR Practice and this particular body of research reveal the keys to driving impact. We are also addressing long-standing requests by our Bersin & Associates members to help them prioritize and align their HR strategies with the business to deliver the greatest return.

Modern day HR practices

The modern HR of employees helps to hit the mark of a company’s productivity and profitability benchmarks by fostering a supportive workplace culture that promotes effective strategies across the board. This would mean that a healthy relationship is maintained between the HR, employee and the management. The focus is just not on the surface problems when an HR has to deal sometime a problem might be deeply rooted in the employee perspective which would be needed to change. So a modern HR has to juggle between two or more roles. A modern HR will make sure that the problem will not result in dissatisfaction where the employee feedback mechanism needs to put in place.

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